How to Choose Best Server for your Website / Application


Article by B.Harikrishna on May 15 2020. Just 10 Minutes read

This article will helps you to choose Relevant Hosting Server for your / clients Website(s) or Application(s). Before finalising your server have a look at what exactly a server and it's types along with varous Factors to be considered before purchasing a Server for your Website(s) or Application(s).

Quick Definition : A server is similar to your Personal Computer where all of your Files will be stored in particular location which can be access them at anytime.

In Elobate Manner : A part from single line definition have few minutes to see more about server and it's types. It is of 2 types namely :

Interesting right, so lets learn initially what is a Local Server ( also termed as Off-Line Server) , in this category the files are available in a PC which can be accessible by only that PC user. For example : In the development level most of the developers builds all the project files in a local machine which are not accessed by any other devices which can be called as Local Server. On another hand, the Online Server is the one where the Server files can be accessed to the World with Domain / IP address. For example : and many more domains are connected with Internet to a Server it is known as an Online Server.

Online servers are available in various formats Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting.

Shared Hosting : Along with your website(s) or Applications there will be other's Websites in single IP. But, accessing other's Files out of your server is completely restricted. For Emerging Business Website this type of server is convenient because of their visitors count is Low or Medium. Also, the Languages usage is restricted here, you can host only WordPress, OpenCart, Php and it's Frameworks, MySQLi, JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Boostrap coded files. No High-End language Files are supported in this type of Web Hosting.

VPS Hosting : Virtual Private Server (VPS) have dedicated IP address for your server. That CPU resources will be shared only among your Applications / Websites. This type of server is suitable for those want Dedicated IP and wanna host various High-End coded Applications / Websites such as Java, Python, Angular, etc. Some of the renowned service Providers are Hosting Raja, Godaddy, Blue Host, etc.

Cloud Hosting : This concept has emerged in such a way to Provide relentless Services without any Limit in any factor, the service providers following " Pay On Use " concept which is available only for cloud Servers. In this server the website(s) or Application(s) don't have Entry Processes Limit, Down-Time, Restrictions, No Limit of Bandwidth. But, the only disadvantage is Cost is More than Web Hosting, VPS Hosting. Some of the renowned service Providers are Amazon Cloud Service, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Servers, Alibaba Cloud Server, etc.

Consider these mandatory features for a Server :

Techncial Support : Should be available 24 X 7

File Space : Depends on your Website / Application { If website users will be more and having File uploads such as Resume or Proofs, then always better to choose Unlimited Hosting. For Example : E-Commerce, Company websites will have more images, File uploads so in this type of requirement it is better to go with Unlimited. Otherwise, take 3GB - 5GB, it's enough. }

Bandwidth : This is the amount of File Upload / Download size. If you have website with a Video of 500MB, if 100 users views that video then your bandwidth usage will be calculated to 100 * 500MB = 50000MB = 50GB. Usually, the Bandwidth will be calculated per Month by Service Provider.

Database Users : It is the number of users in the MySQLi. Meaning of user is similar " root " in XAMPP / WAMP.

Entry Processes : This means number of users viewing your website / application that particular time. Usually, in Shared Web Hosting this Number varies between 100 - 300 based on Service Provider.

CPU Power : Whenever there is more usage, this should be more. There is no specific cut-off for this.

RAM Size : Usually for general websites 500MB also sufficient. But, finally it depends on type of website and prediction of users of that Website / Application.

BackUp Facility : This stores all of your Files in specified location automatically. Should be atleast Weekly basis, if your website will have updates daily, then daily BackUp is recommended.

E-Mails { Cpanel / Professional } : There will be C-panel mails which will have with domain name. But, the machines will be automatically cleans in Shared Hosting. And Professional is like Gmail usage. But, both the types will come with " yourname@domainname "

SSL { From Let's Encrypt / Registered Organisation } : SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This is the Green Lock at the Domain URL. SSL is Encryption of Data going from your server. Usually it is 256Bits Encryption Mode. There is Let's Encrypt Free SSL which is ony preferred if you don't have User Personal Information like Bank, Chat, Posts in your server. Otherwise please go with Paid SSL usually it costs around $60 per year from ICAAN Registered Organisation.

Malware Protection : It protects your website from Virus, so please use only Malware Protected Servers for any type of Website. Otherwise your site will be under Danger Bells and if your site was attacked with Malware Google will block your site from their Search Engine.

Site Builder : This will be helpful to develop a website using Drag and Drop options available in the server account.

So, finally choose a server with Good Response time, Good Bandwidth, More Entry Processes to purchase your server.

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